West Mersea Beach Hut Watch

The West Mersea Beach Hut Watch (WMBHW) is a voluntary organisation established to promote and protect the interests of owners and users of beach huts in West Mersea. WMBHW organises routine patrols of over 450 beach huts and works closely with the local councils and other parties to maintain and enhance the amenities and the immediate environment.

Membership is open to all West Mersea Beach Hut owners whether you own a hut on Colchester City Council land, The Spinney or West Mersea Holiday Park and only costs £5.00 per year per hut owned to join.

Have a look at our website www.westmerseabeachhutwatch.co.uk for latest news and benefits of becoming a WMBHW member.

Any enquiries please direct to wmbhwmembership@btinternet.com.